Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Williamsburg Baby Shower!

Sue and Clare threw me a beautiful baby shower in Williamsburg last weekend and it was so much fun! There were many Spooner friends and family in attendance and two of my good friends from Washington, DC, Lakshmy and Steph were able to come as well. Lakshmy's husband Mike came down to entertain Brad and they went with Art to catch some football during the shower. Lakshmy and Mike's names may sound familiar to some of you - they are the friends of the 'Alaska Cruise that Brad and Kara will never shut up about' fame. Cue the whale.

There were lots of yummy goodies including tea sandwiches and some delish chocolate covered strawberries, some tea and punch and wine (so far we are 2 for 2 on alcohol at my baby showers) and these adorable little gingerbread cookies in little bags for the favors. If you know her, you already know this, but Sue throws a mean party. She could write a book on table decor alone. Perhaps Sandra Lee could pick up a copy and quit calling them 'tablescapes'. But I digress. 

I wore my other after Christmas sale dress from Japanese Weekend that I found with my mom. I love this dress and the pattern and found little heels (as little as this Texas girl's conscience would permit) and some stealth maternity hose to go with it. I don't know if its that I'm bigger now and not used to seeing my face puffy like this or I overdid it with the makeup or what, but I feel a little drag queenish in these pictures. 

Here are Clare and I right before the shower. I am kicking myself but I'm not sure yet if I got a picture with Sue. Clare and I did not intentionally match outfits for the shower, but since we did, don't we look so color coordinated?? Clare was so sweet and sat next to me when I opened gifts and kept a very neatly written list for my notes. It was so fun to open everything with her there - we cooed and ooohed and awed at all the adorable little baby things. And believe me, there was no shortage of adorable baby things at this shower!

Here I am (yeah, I'm the one on the right) with Steph and Lakshmy right before the shower. 

I was so grateful these girls drove all the way down from DC to come to the shower. We had a blast and spent all of Sunday morning drinking coffee and laughing our heads off - it was awesome. Such fun girl time - just what I needed! 

Since I can have a glass of wine here and there I of course had to have one with Sue, Lakshmy and Steph after the shower was over. Lakshmy brought the most delicious chardonnay - the Landmark Overlook - that she bought around my birthday in June for us to have on our next visit (we do that between visits - hunt down the most wonderful chardonnays we can find and then drink them within an hour of seeing each other again). As she puts it, I then had to go and get all knocked up so she's been holding on to it ever since. My review of this wine?? Fab Fab Fab. Run, don't walk. We're crackin' another bottle of it after Charlie gets here.

After the shower we had a little family dinner of yummy lasagna and salad. Here are the two freak shows goofing around at said dinner. Actually I love this pic - these two are quite a bit of trouble when they get around each other! But lovable trouble!
So to sum it all up, it was an awesome weekend and shower and I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so much love. I think Charlie could feel it too - and he seems to really dig getting presents because he was going nuts the whole time I was opening gifts. Ahh, just like his mama!

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Lindsay said...

"after Charlie gets here"

Is that his name? Love it! I have a nephew named Charlie. =)