Friday, January 23, 2009

*Warning* Whiny blog post ahead

If that baby ticker on this blog knows what's good for it, it'll hurry the heck up. 34 days??? Seems like we've been stuck in the 30's forever now.  I keep telling myself ok, less then 5 weeks, that is totally doable. Then I spend an entire day exhausted with heartburn and feet in my ribs and this searing burning sensation at the top of my stomach and 5 weeks sounds like a lifetime. 

I kind of egged it on a little bit I guess. I've been playing on itunes, making some new playlists and I found my favorite Irish band, Scythian on there and started listening to it. If you've never been to one of their concerts, it is the MOST fun. I haven't been in forever - they mostly play in DC - but hearing it just made me want to put my favorite jeans and heels and a going out top and hit a bar to hear them play. But yeah, sitting around on Friday night sick to my stomach because I ate more then 2 bites of dinner and reading pointless stuff online is fun too! There's a point where Ben & Jerry's Phish Food with a side of Perez Hilton just no longer helps.

I am BLAH. Sorry for the bummer post. More uplifting banter tomorrow. 

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