Tuesday, January 27, 2009

State of the Uterus - Week 36

We kicked off the weekly appointments this morning with a visit to Dr. D.  It was freezing rain pretty hard when we left and I feel fairly confident now we can make the 5 minute drive to the hospital in any weather.  Though I think the Richmond winter began and ended today with that freezing rain. So pathetic!

So I do the routine pee in a cup and came out to get on the scale. Amazingly, the scale did not have to be adjusted at all - it was already at my weight. I turned to the nurse and said I guess the person before me weighs the same. And then Brad (who can not for the life of him stay seated in the exam room during my visits) chirped up 'Guess who that is?' Great. I weigh the same as my husband. Who has been complaining endlessly about how he's put on too much weight lately. I'm not sure he's invited to come with me next week.

Then the doctor came in and did an exam and the baby has dropped! Yay! She could feel his head, which was really low and told me I am 50% effaced. Progress! I was not expecting progress yet! I am not dilated at all, but I am really just 35 weeks and 5 days so I am ok with that. Don't want to go too early.  His heartbeat sounded great and was in the 150's. 

I have to admit, the baby dropping is pretty anti-climactic. I was expecting to be able to eat more and breathe easier. Maybe get a break in the heartburn?? No, not so much. On the upside, I'm also not having a bunch of painful pressure and hitting the ladies room every 5 minutes like I was warned. 

I'm not sure I look all that different either, though one lady at work said the belly was kind of upward pointing and is now downward pointing. That's the kind of commentary I'm looking for in the home stretch - it was positive, it was encouraging, it meant I am going to give birth in the near future. She has 5 children so she knew what to say that would make me feel good.  One comment I keep getting that does not make me feel good (mostly from men who have small children) is 'get out and enjoy your freedom now because it's all about to change!' Can I just say how much I hate that comment? I do not feel like getting out and I'm rarely enjoying anything I am so uncomfortable lately. It's like telling someone who has the flu to enjoy their sick day because they have to go back to work when they feel better. When I got that comment for the 10th time yesterday, I decided it was time to stage a blog protest. So this is my e-temper tantrum about that comment. 

In other news I am just trying to finish up the nursery, start getting packed for the hospital and get the car seats installed. Sadly the fire stations no longer provide that program, at least in Virginia. That's ok. I have a feeling if we bribe our neighbor Jason with cookies and beer he will come help us figure it out. =)

Next state of the uterus is next Tuesday when I'm having another ultrasound! I can't wait to see him and find out how big he has grown! I'm also really hoping for some nominal dilation at that point. Doesn't need to be much, just something to show we are moving in a forward direction. Brad's predicting a Valentine's baby, so we'll see if he's right! 

As of last week, the baby was the size of a honeydew melon and in a couple of days will be a crenshaw melon. What the heck is that? I looked it up and it's a hybrid of two other melons I've never heard of. Who knew? I feel so melon ignorant. Oh well, we are in the melons now, which means we are close to have a baby the size of a.... newborn baby. Here's the crenshaw melon - consider yourselves educated!

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