Wednesday, January 14, 2009

State of the Uterus - Week 34

Brad and I had a nice visit with Dr. D yesterday. It was fairly uneventful since there's really nothing exciting going on with the baby beyond growth. I mean, we got growth, heartburn, back pain and a constant foot in my ribs. An expected number of things to complain about for someone in their third trimester. Dr. D said the baby probably has a position he favors, kind of like how you may have a favorite position to sleep in. After giving that comment some thought, I've decided the baby gets all nice and comfy on the right side of my uterus, sticks a foot in my ribs and thinks ahhhhh, now this is nice! I picture finding him one day when he's older fast asleep with his foot pushed up against the crib slats. 

I gained another couple of pounds the past two weeks, which is probably mostly baby. My appetite is pretty well shot - I think my stomach is squished in there. If I do eat, usually lunch, I feel sick and uncomfortable afterwards. I am measuring right on time and the baby was sure to give Dr. D a couple of huge kicks while she was measuring me. She said 'look at this child kicking me!' He's seemed to have an affinity for showing off for Dr. D ever since he was itty bitty. When she first started using the little wand thing to hear the heartbeat, he was always sure to make his presence known with some kicks. We decided back then that boy or girl, this was a show off!

There really shouldn't be much exciting happening for another 2 weeks. At that point the baby may drop or there may be some other sign that his birth is on the way. Or there may be nothing. Since I was kind enough to my poor mother to be an entire month late, I'm trying to keep my expectations in check. I know they won't let me go more then a week past my due date (believe me, I asked) but I don't want to get my hopes up it will happen before the due date. I've decided that this is like being a little kid waiting for Christmas, except we have no idea when Christmas is going to happen. And boy is opening presents going to hurt! 

We have another doctor appointment on January 30 and our last ultrasound on February 3. They will take a lot of measurements then and see how big he is and how much he weighs. Just speaking as the person carrying him around, I think he's BIG! In addition to being a late baby, I was a huge baby (9.5 pounds delivered with no drugs - I'm submitting my mother for sainthood status), so who knows. Baby Center last week said he was a pineapple and this coming week he is a cantaloupe! Writing that just made me crave fruit salad.....

Next state of the uterus - 2 weeks!

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