Monday, January 19, 2009

Richmond Shower!

I need to get some pictures to post from other people's cameras, but I thought I'd go ahead and post about my shower Saturday, which was SO MUCH FUN!! It was hosted by two of my very good friends, Colleen and Kristen, over at Colleen's house. It was absolutely freezing cold outside, but this is Richmond so it still doesn't snow. Colleen's and Kristen made a lot of yummy food and one of my favorite foods - chocolate cake - was in attendance. Kristen also made a diaper cake, which I'd seen pictures of before, but never in person. I love it! It's going to feel like a shame to unroll them and pull it apart, but at 3am when I'm on diaper change #6 for the night, I'll probably get over it. 

The baby got all sorts of wonderful gifts and the baby mama (me) got a lot of very good advice! Colleen had everyone write down some tidbits of advice on note cards ad then read through them. It was all very helpful and I got to bring them home with me. This is a good thing, as just about every time I get advice I get this hyperventilating-type feeling like maybe I am way in over my head and the hospital should think long and hard before letting me take him home. They say to sleep when the baby sleeps, but I have this feeling I'll be reading books (and now notecards!) looking for things I've forgotten to do or I'm doing wrong. For instance, I can't remember right now how often I'm supposed to give him a bath. But I'm getting way off topic. Back to the shower!

The great thing about having friends who have young kids is they know exactly what to get you that you'd have no idea to get (or ask) for yourself. For instance, I opened up these little shoes that my friend Karen, who has a 5 1/2 month old (our baby's predetermined BFF) gave me and all the other moms start vigourously nodding their heads in approval because these are, in fact, the best shoes to keep the baby's socks on. The same thing happened with the Baby Bjorn bib that Kristen got me. And the bottle cooler/warmer that Angie got me. Again - I might be in over my head here. But I do have some very good people to call and ask questions! Because I only think I halfway know what I'm doing here. 

Brad was so funny about everything when I got home. He helped bring in the gifts from the car and I showed him everything and he kind of acts like these things are moderately interesting, but don't really have much to do with him. Ringo grabbed the item that looked most like a dog toy and tried to take off with it, so we had to get it back. And then I showed Brad what one of my friends from work, Kristen (another Kristen), got the baby - some Arkansas Razorback and Texas A&M pacifiers! He was all excited, but then he told me I could put the A&M ones away because our baby only needs the Razorback ones. Nice. We'll see about that. He also says I play with all the baby clothes like we have a doll coming instead of a baby. Whatever. Baby clothes are too stinkin' cute to do anything else. 

Anyways, it was a lot of fun and an awesome shower and I appreciate everyone who came and all the wonderful baby gifts. I also really appreciate Colleen and Kristen doing so much to make it very special. You know, Brad and I have moved twice since we got married and have never really felt settled anywhere long enough to make a big bunch of friends. I mean, we've met friends in each place we've lived (some very close friends at that) but I was looking around the shower and remembering when we moved here and knew almost no one and realizing how in two years it's turned into this - a house full of people who showed up on a Saturday afternoon (one of them on a crutch with a sprained ankle!) because they care enough to want to celebrate the arrival of our baby. It was one of those moments that catches you in the back of your throat.  Can't feel anything but gratitude after that. 

I'll post some pictures when I get them! We're headed to Babysrus to get a crib mattress and a few other things. Also to Target since we're going to start getting the bag together for the hospital. You know something is close when you start packing for it! 


Meredith said...

I would like to see the diaper cake, please!

Lindsay said...

Robeez? They are so worth it and super cute.