Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ok, the baby is quickly wearing out his welcome in my uterus. I've gone ahead and rolled up the welcome mat because I think I cracked a rib this morning. I was getting out of bed in my usual awkward, oversized belly kind of way when I heard a loud pop and suddenly couldn't breathe. There were all these sharp, shooting pains and then all this really loud profanity! Yeah, that was coming from me. I'm sure Brad considered it one of the top 5 most relaxing ways to wake up in the morning. The poodles looked unphased.

After finally catching my breath, I thought I would put heat on it and give it 30 minutes to shake off. When I decided to get up I couldn't get out of bed without Brad's help. That's when we decided to call the doctor's office. I talked to the nurse, who was very nice and she told me she thought I should come in. So we threw on some clothes and headed back to the doctor's office.  I seem to keep having ill-timed problems that happen the day after my appointments. So instead of being able to talk to the doctor while I'm there, I have to pester her the rest of the week with whatever started bothering me 10 minutes after I left the office.  This was no exception.

When I got in there I had to deal with the one lady in the front office I had never dealt with before and she acted so put out with me for coming in without an appointment that I thought I would cry right then and there. The other two are always so nice that this was one was just... rude. She started shooting off requests at me for things like a copy of my driver's license (which I didn't have with me) and an emergency contact that I KNOW they already have. I did not make it to 36 weeks of pregnancy and a kazillion appointments for them to be short on my info. After she was done drilling me and finally deeming me worthy to meet with the nurse, I sat down next to Brad in the waiting room and went ahead and burst into tears like a big baby. It just hurt so much at that point and she was being MEAN to me! Did she not get the memo about not being mean to pregnant Kara? Someone, please send her the memo!

Ok, so back to the appointment. I met with the nurse practitioner who was being a little too 'well, tough luck, there's nothing we can do' for my taste. She was talking about 'round the clock tylenol' as a treatment and I remember thinking, this may actually kill me. Like a gift from heaven when she went out in the hall to get her stethoscope she ran into Dr. D who came in all full of sympathy and good advice and a prescription for something to take the edge off. Let me tell you that prescription has been a godsend today.  I think I would have really been weighing the benefits of breathing against how much it hurts to breathe without it. My mother is questioning if Charlie will still be good in math, but the doctor said it is fine and we're talking a small dose for a couple of days so I'm not going to sweat it. As if to prove to me that it was fine, Charlie has been all sorts of busy today in my tummy and very considerately staying away from mommy's ribs. 

Can I also just say that in a third trimester first, I am not anxious to go into labor? I really need this to heal somewhat so I can do all the heavy breathing I'm going to have to do before getting my epidural without seeing stars. I was also realizing how unprepared we would have been if instead of popping sounds in my ribs, it was my water breaking this morning. So what did I do? Made another list! Once that list is complete and my ribs feel ok, bring on the labor!

Those of you out there who have read Twilight, please pause and appreciate the irony of all this. Bella really does not get enough props for her pain threshold. 


Kristen said...

do you a 25 chromosome baby in your belly?

Stephanie said...

I hope you are feeling better! You're almost there. PS: Not to be demanding, but are we going to get some fun nursery pics sometime soon? :)

meghant said...

Hey Kara - hang in there! The end part is so hard....but you'll make it! I hope you can relax and enjoy some Superbowl or reading or anything to take your mind off of things!

Meredith said...

Hey Kara
I hope your feeling better. I totally hear yah on the Twilight reference. Im in the middle of book 2 and loving it! Miss you