Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

The New Year is a wonderful time for reflection and planning. Unfortunately, I have recently discovered the game Word Challenge on Facebook (thanks Karen!) and it is so much fun, there's been only been brief periods of reflection and planning. Less for you to read!

2008 was a strange year for the Spooners. It has been a year of extreme highs and extreme lows. Since highs are considerably more fun to read about, I'll talk mainly about those.
  • First off, how can you really bash any year too badly when there's a baby on the way? I'll spare the gag-inducing details, but Baby Spooner was conceived this year and now is less then 2 months from arrival. Yeeee-hah! I found out he was coming on my birthday in June - I'll never get another birthday present like that again, I'm sure.
  • Brad and I got to go to Italy with our very good friends Brent and Melissa. It was an incredible trip; my first to Europe. It was the best food and wine I have ever had in my life. And I looooooove the Italian people - they are fun and kind and dramatic and they tried really hard to understand my crappy Italian phrases.  I hope to put together a nice photo album of it before we go again in 10 to 15 years. Alaska 2006 photos are still laying around hoping for the same fate. 
  • Brad and I got to take a really fun and romantic trip to Newport, Rhode Island in June around his birthday. The first part was a work trip - an anniversary celebration for Evil Nameless Investment Bank - but then we stayed a few extra days just the two of us and had an incredible time. So romantic. If you haven't been, go!
  • We got to go back to Pinehurst for a few days with the Spooners for tennis (golf for Brad), shopping, spa and lots of good food and wine. We have gone every June for the past few years and it is always so much fun. And my serve was really looking a lot better by the time we left.
  • We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, talking all day along the lines of 'can you believe it's been 6 years? Where did the time go?' We played it fairly low key this year as I was still coming off of morning sickness and was very tired. Evil Nameless Investment Bank pretty much ruined our 5 year anniversary, so I have high hopes for our 7th! Any volunteers to babysit? 
In general, even with the lows of this year, we can not complain. We are, quite frankly, very fortunate. We are healthy, we have a loving family, incredible friends and each other. And we are SO EXCITED for this little baby to get here!! Especially me because he is still kicking the daylights out of my ribs and I could really live without the heartburn. 

I usually make some short list of resolutions, most of which are forgotten by mid-February and then re-made the following January 1. I'm hoping some of these stick:
  • Give birth. Preferably with an epidural ASAP. I thought about trying to hold out without one for a while, but then found out they don't pass out awards at the end, so no matter.
  • Lose the pregnancy weight. This being my first child, I'm not sure what kind of endeavor this really is, but I'm setting a Labor Day deadline. That's when we'll be going to Florida for cousin Ben's wedding to Nicole so it's the perfect incentive. Thanks for thinking of me guys! 
  • Get my behind to church more regularly
  • Stay in better contact with all my wonderful friends and family. They removed access to Instant Messenger at work, so this has been really hard lately!
  • Learn to sew. Straight lines are fine - I just want to be able to do curtain panels, table linens and pillows (though pillows sound hard, so that may get pushed to 2010). 
  • More books, less TV.
  • Brad resolves to lower his handicap. He can't really think of any others. Inspirational!
I'll have to pull these back up next year and see how I did. Life is going to look so different from how it does now this time next year, so that will be very interesting. By then I should be in first place on Word Challenge so will have more time to reflect. Ha!

Quick baby status: I am in my 33rd week, the baby weighs almost 4 pounds (estimated) and is the size of a jicama. If you are not familiar with the jicama, it looks like a large turnip, but when you peel it, it's white and it tastes like a giant water chestnut. Nutritionally it is starchy, has some vitamin C, but is mostly nutrient devoid. I don't cook with them often, but I've never seen one as big as 3.5-4 pounds. Someone really needs to send that BabyCenter intern back to college.  

Well, I guess even with a limited amount of reflection and planning, I still had a lot to say! Happy New Year everybody! I'll close with a couple of my favorite pictures of 2008.

Spooners and Morgans overlooking Vernazza in the Cinque Terre, my favorite stop on our trip to Italy:

Brad and me in Florence:


meghant said...

You think Word Challenge is bad? Try PathWords. You'll never step away from Facebook. Good choice on the epidural btw - two babies and two epidurals for me - and everything turned out fine. Plus, gave me the opportunity to actually enjoy the births.

Meredith said...

Another book suggestion- "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt. I was so engrossed in it last night that I got on the wrong subway and didn't notice until five or six stops later.
I could even send you my copy when I'm done with it if you like.:)