Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Baby!

It's gotten all Christmas-y around here! I've been decorating the house, coercing Brad to help me where I can, playing Christmas music, enjoying fires in the fireplace and it even snowed some last night! I do have to admit, I face decorating the Christmas tree with a certain amount of dread, but after it's up, I just love it. The house feels all cozy and it's been so cold here - a very nice winter so far. 

I was going to take a very seasonal cute picture of the wreath on my front door to decorate this blog entry, but then my camera stopped working! Just out of nowhere! Oh well, it was 5 years old - about the most you can expect from any electronic device these days. It was a gift from Brad for our first Christmas together after we got married. =) Anyways....

We've had a pretty fun weekend. Friday night was pretty blah though - by the end of the week I am usually done for and just need to go to bed early. Saturday we nursery shopped a little and took care of things around the house. Saturday night was our neighbor Jason's birthday and we went over to their house for a party, which was very fun. Baby O saw us and said Yi Yo! Yi Yo! I guess Brad, Zoe, Ringo and I have one collective name now! Clare came over after her tennis tournament and helped me decorate the Christmas tree and spent the night. We met up with Art and Sue for breakfast this morning at Baker's Crust and then did some more stuff around the house. Our friends Karen and Mike came over for dinner tonight and we had a great time! They have a cute little four month old baby boy who stayed home with a sitter as we plied Mom and Dad with wine and lasagna. Now we have the remnants of a fire and the Christmas music on - nice relaxing way to wrap up the weekend. 

Last night at our neighbor's party I was talking to someone and realized that there are just 2 weekends left after this before Christmas. Yikes. Per Usual, even though I started Christmas shopping in October, here we are at the last minute with gobs left to do. As a special gift to myself, I have left the more difficult people to shop for last. But just 2 and a half more weeks until we are in Dallas - I just knew December would fly by - and after the holidays we have less then 2 months before the baby gets here!!!

In other news, Brad already has the dresser put together in the nursery. It looks so good! I need to finish up the impossible changing table painting project and get it up there. Crib arrives in January and I think the chair will too. Speaking of the chair - I just noticed that the name of the model we're getting is Braxton. As in Braxton-Hicks contractions. Who on earth would name a chair sold in baby stores the Braxton?? It was a tough choice between that chair and the the Heartburn. 

Oh Yeah! Baby = Chinese cabbage. You've never felt a chinese cabbage boogie like this though! There is always some sort action going on in the baby belly. We are breakin' it down right now.

Well I'd write more, but I really have to go read some more of Twilight now. =)


Stephanie said...

Oh, great minds think alike...I've got a picture of the front door on my blog (yes, I am off of hiatus - that lasted real long, right?). Better go out and get a new'll have a lot to document in the next few months!

Kristen said...
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Lindsay in China said...

I don't get it. Why does baby = chinese cabbage?

Kara said...

The baby is the size of a chinese cabbage!