Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Week

What a sad week. It was really hard on everyone at work, just trying to accept the news about Dwayne and support each other. I came home every night exhausted and it was gray and rainy almost every day - hard to concentrate on work or really get much done. Unfortunately, part of what has to be done is to take over the things Dwayne was working on. Seeing emails he just sent, completing projects he hadn't finished yet and making sure people he worked with in other areas of the company knew are not easy tasks. It's what he would have wanted though - he was fanatical about making sure everything got completed on time and even had a hard time taking vacation without worrying if everything was running smoothly without him. So I certainly can't let the ball drop on anything for him.

Dwayne's funeral was Friday and it was a beautiful service. The sun had finally come out and there were lots of good stories and memories exchanged between his friends. I spoke to his mom and sister after the service and they are of course heartbroken. There is very little to comfort them right now in their continued state of shock. I drove some of my friends from work to the service and back - it was an hour and a half away, towards Dwayne's home town of Deltaville. Kristen had made a CD in honor of him that was a mix of things that made me want to laugh and cry. So we skipped over Freebird and played Drop it Like its Hot more then once. How do you not smile remembering someone dropping it at work??

Brad and I also went to a couple of baby classes last week in the evening. Or as I like to call them 'Babies for Dummies'. This week there were videos and slide shows to give that visual je ne sais quoi to the class experience. Especially the breastfeeding video - wowzers! The lady teaching that class started things off telling us she breastfed her second child for 3 1/2 year and planned to go at least that long for her youngest who is almost 3. The lady in front of me turned towards her husband and gave him the 'She did NOT just say that' look. I'm kind of with her - that's a really long time!!

I have an appointment with Dr. D on Tuesday morning - I am a little over 30 weeks! My next ultrasound isn't until 36 weeks I think, which I bet is really exciting because the baby will be so big! He is about 3 pounds right now and 15 inches long. He moves and wiggles all the time and when I feel around my tummy I can usually find his cute little tushie stickin' out somewhere. 

It is also Christmas party week at work - my team will have a get together on Tuesday afternoon with a white elephant gift exchange and our department event is Wednesday. We put together care packages for the elderly and bikes for kids and have some sort of entertainment. I need to get all my little homemade gifts ready for everyone over the next couple of nights because they have to be delivered by Thursday or Friday at the very latest. A lot of people take the last 2 weeks of the year off. 

So that's what's going on with me. While pregnancy hormones and life itself have been slapping me around quite a bit lately, I know there's a lot of hope to be found in both Christmas and the little muchkin we have on the way. So I'm going to hang on to that and know 2009 is going to be awesome.

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Meredith said...

Oh KK, I can't even imagine losing a good friend like that, especially this time of year. He sounds like a wonderful person that will be missed terribly.
I love you and I'm here if you need anything!