Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We are having an awesome Christmas here in McKinney, Texas! Brad and I flew in Tuesday night to spend the holiday with my parents and sisters. We spent Christmas Eve getting pedicures, accidentally showing up at church an hour early and eating yummy lasagna. The Crains have some Christmas Eve traditions that include new ornaments and pajamas. My mom found me these awesome lavender maternity/nursing pj's from Japanese Weekend, which she almost gave to me a night early because the ones I wore on Tuesday night were so hideously ugly she said. LOL

My sweet family also found me lots of comfy nursing clothes for after the baby comes and the baby got his first stocking! It was full of little goodies like socks, bibs, toys and a Beatles lullaby CD. Brad got some of his very favorite beer, Alaskan Amber, which has to be shipped from the Northwest, from my sisters and I think that will be cracked open later today!

Now we're lazing around watching Christmas movies while my dad smokes meat on the smoker in shorts and a t-shirt - his ultimate dream come true since moving from Indiana. We're having all of our favorite Christmas foods like Monkey Bread, migas, good potatoes and blueberry banana cream pie. Yum! Megan was sweet and got me some sparkling apple cider to make mock mimosas too. So sweet.

We took a bunch of pics before the Christmas Eve service and this is Brad, sizing up the goods. 

Tomorrow starts my 32nd week and the baby is the size of 4 navel oranges. Finding a pic of exactly 4 oranges grouped together is almost impossible. I think they must have left the interns in charge over at Baby Center again.

Well I hope everyone is having an awesome Christmas, good food and lots of fun. If you're short on fun, remember the online after-Christmas sales have already started!

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