Monday, December 22, 2008

I am a beached whale

And I have a distinctive waddle. 

I've been trying to go shopping lately and it's been very, very depressing. This is a recent occurrence - maternity shopping was a blast as recently as 3 weeks ago and I had to stop myself by remembering I only need clothes for a couple more months. I've been trying to find a couple of cute outfits to wear to my showers so when I look back at the pictures I can say yeah, some whale-like qualities, but what a cute dress! Now I think I'll just try to take pictures of everyone else.  But realistically there's no WAY Colleen's going to let me get away with that!

I went to the two trendy maternity boutiques in town thinking for sure they would have something - anything - that would be flattering. I'll throw some money at the problem if I have to and problem solved, right? Not so much. I find a cute dress or tunic, put it on, looks ok from the front and then turn to the side and that's when the whale beaches itself. Anything that simultaneously hugs the belly and the kaboose (which is really the only fair name for it right now) goes immediately back on the hanger. Tunics are completely out of the question because my legs are giant tree trunks so any slimming qualities they might have once had are negated.

9 1/2 weeks to go (and not the exciting mickey rourke kind) and all this waddling whale wants is a good pair of yoga pants. Seems too early to be waving the white flag on maternity fashion, but I'm pretty sure I'm too tired to care. 

The sponsor of this whale, Baby Spooner, has grown to the size of cabbage, which in all honesty is healthier then anything I feel like eating lately. That may explain my dilemma. 

Well I'd better get back to packing my small assortment of clothes I don't feel like wearing for our trip to Dallas for Christmas. Still takes me two hours to pack, even with limited selection, compared to the 5 minutes Brad just spent. And the sleeping poodles laying on my bed just makes me want to curl up and go to sleep. The one sport I'm good at lately - especially now that I'm done reading the Twilight books. =)


Stephanie said...

You are NOT a beached whale. You look fantastic. This is just a passing phase...the next pregnancy phase might make you feel like a hot mama, who knows!? I can hear what you're thinking..."what does she know about being pregnant?" You're right...I will go away now. :) But regardless, I still think you look great!

Kara said...

No I'm thinking you haven't seen me since the end of October LOL Brace yourself for when I see you in January - it'll be a bit like hugging Santa Claus. Ho Ho Ho.

peb12345 said...

I'm reading the Twilight series too! Did you like? I've only finished the first book. And I saw the movie. It was pretty good. We'll have to discuss.

peb12345 said...

peb12345 is Paige by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

I made the blog! HA! Kara you look beautiful even though you don't feel like it :) can't wait to meet Lil' Charlie! love ya, col