Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Trip!

We just got back late last night from Little Rock and Stuttgart, where we celebrated Thanksgiving with Brad's mom's side of the family. We had a great time and there are pictures, but of course I slacked off and wasn't the person who took the pictures. I have GOT to get better at that, or there will be 5 pictures of the baby to represent his entire first year of life. Anyways, to explain the picture, duck hunting is huge in Stuttgart and during the week of Thanksgiving there are all sorts of duck-related events and lots of people are in town to hunt. A lot of people in Brad's family spend the week hunting on their land. I've always thought Zoe would have been a natural duck retriever if we'd trained her - she's very driven to retrieve and loves to chase birds. . Ringo would be beyond useless in that capacity. Poodles were originally bred in Germany to retrieve ducks and some people in the U.S. use them for that now. So the picture is an homage to my little coulda-been duck retriever, Zoe. Sorry your parents are slackers and you've missed your true calling.

Back to the trip - when we got in town late Monday night, we stayed with our very good friends Brent and Melissa, who we went to Italy with last April. They just bought an adorable new house in the Heights section of Little Rock and are busy painting and decorating. It's an older house and it has lots of character - I just loved it! They took us to dinner Tuesday night at this fun restaurant ZaZa that had pizzas cooked in a big wood fire oven, salads and gelato. We then hit a wine bar in the River Market called Crush, where oddly there was this large painting of the coastal town we stayed in in Italy. Ironic! Uncle Brent and Aunt Melissa gave the baby a very cute frog book that is part stuffed animal, part story, a very sweet blue teddy bear and cute little blue footed sleeper - adorable!

We spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday visiting with family and there were almost 25 people at Brad's grandmother's house for Thanksgiving dinner! I was excited because I got to meet Nicole, newly engaged to cousin Ben as of last weekend! Lots of fun wedding talk and in addition to wine, she loves reading Perez Hilton, so she's my kind of girl. There was also so much yummy food! Turkey, ham, casseroles, homemade rolls and about 10 desserts. There was a huge pan of hot cinnamon rolls just out of the oven and that proved to be one of the most appealing desserts! I think it was meant for breakfast, but when face to face with a warm cinnamon roll a logical person only does one thing. We topped off the visit Friday afternoon watching the Arkansas game with Uncle Greg, Aunt Janet, cousin Meredith and the cutest little goldendoodle that ever was - Winnie! Fun times and the Hogs won too!

We got back very late last night and I don't think either of us has recovered yet. There was a mixup with the dog walker and she showed up bright and early to walk the dogs - I think we gave each other a heart attack! The dogs were beside themselves with excitement and after she left - running around like 'our friend! our friend came to visit us again - did you see that??' The rest of the day we did things around the house and I made this pork cassoulet recipe I found on It was good but a little greasy - pork spare ribs are pretty fatty. We have a fire and some football tonight. Tomorrow I hope to get the rest of the Christmas decorating done after sleeping in! 

All in all, it's been a good holiday with lots to be thankful for - an awesome husband, wonderful family and friends, beautiful healthy baby on the way and poodles who do their best to make up for how bad they are! Happy Thanksgiving!


Kim said...

We love ZaZa!! It's nice to have a place to get good gelato. The only downfall is that we usually get there late and they are out of almost everything except pumpkin, mint, and berry (not bad for me or Nicky, but makes Bryan sad that there isn't any chocolate). I'm sad that we missed you on this trip!

Lindsay in China said...

FYI, my mom grew up in the Heights, and my dad participated in Stuttgart's annual duck calling contest!