Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spooner Tails -November 9

Brad and I are being the ultimate lazy slobs today, which feels so wonderful! Recent recap of our fairly tame pre-baby lives:
  • We got back today from a quick trip to Williamsburg for Art and Sue's annual holiday party last night. This one was in honor of Brad's brother Bill and his wife Christina, who got married in May. The party was really fun, lots of good food, a little rowdiness and it didn't wind down until late, which is probably why we are so beat today.  And when I say rowdy, I mean the discussion that started with  jello wrestling and the like and trended downward. You know who you are.
  • In less exciting news, the mango jalapeno chutney I made turned out really well and was yummy with the pork tenderloin they served. I think I'm going to make a bunch more to give to people during the holidays. If you get some, act totally surprised and ask me what it is. 
  • Friday night we just went to dinner - Brad got back in town from New York and so we went on a little date. However, by the time we got home, he was so tired and he went to bed! We are Captain and Princess excitement, at your service. 
  • Holly's birthday is tomorrow! Happy Birthday Holly! She and her hubby have a little one coming next spring, so lots to celebrate this year! It just won't be the usual way we celebrate each other's birthdays will multiple bottles of wine, public renditions of a Chorus Line and mooning.  We'll save that for future years, when it will all be followed by Dangit, I've got to get home and pay the sitter! 
  • This week I have Tuesday off for Veteran's day and have all these productive plans - buying fabric for the nursery, ordering the rocker arm chair, registering for the baby and running errands. Hopefully Brad won't have to work late because I feel like cooking too. I'm just too sleepy and lazy to do it tonight. 
  • I use google images to post pictures of what size the baby is and this week's comparison is an ear of corn. The baby is almost a foot long in length and it said to picture an ear of corn. WHEN, I ask you, have you ever eaten corn on the cob that was a foot long?  I feel like I am becoming some sort of watchdog group for, calling BS on their claims. At any rate, what I have discovered through my google search is that LOTS of people love posting pictures of their small children and dogs eating corn on the cob. I'm not sure why - it has never occurred to me to give my dogs corn on the cob, but I guess I will probably find it fascinating when my child tucks into some for the first time. I thought maybe I'd pick the cutest kid or the cutest dog and post it, but then even that became entirely too much effort.  So instead you get this picture, which is what Babycenter is tells me my kid looks like this week. A face only a mother could love!
It's now time for some more poodle-style napping (all 4 of us napping simultaneously with much gusto) and then maybe a shower and a walk. And yes, I realize the Sunday afternoon nap will be a thing of the past after the baby comes, so I will relish in this one. =)

One last thing - My cousin Mike left for a year long tour in Afghanistan this week. Please keep him, his wife and his 1 year old son in your thoughts and prayers. I know they all miss each other terribly and we are all concerned for Mike's safety. 

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