Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spooner Tails - November 16

Wow what a week. We'll just leave it at that. We are having a very low key weekend after several busy ones and it's been really nice. I have to Monday morning for a full week in New York for work, so the down time has been awesome. We've cooked dinners in, watched tv, done some stuff around the house and worked out. I've had some insomnia lately, which stinks, but I hear it is mother nature's way (in all her heartlessness) of preparing a soon-to-be mommy to be up during the night. I've had trouble sleeping long before getting pregnant - any time I'm anxious about anything, I'm up. Frankly when I'm up and it's dark and there's not much to read on the internet, I find myself thinking how nice it will be to have the company. A partner in insomnia! 

We started looking at daycare options this week, which is probably way overdue. Brad visited one place, Skipwith Academy, on Friday and we're going to go ahead and get on the waiting list there. This week we're checking out Westminster Canterbury and a few in-home sitters. One thing that is interesting about both day care facilities is that they are adjacent to assisted living centers and have programs where the children interact with the elderly residents. Apparently Halloween at Skipwith is quite a production! Anyways, I think that's neat. I'm still trying to decide which option - day care or in-home - I feel more comfortable with. I'm sure I'm going to be such a hormonal mess at that point that no option is going to feel very good. 

As for the baby size update - I think Baby Center is just messing with me now, trying to see if the pregnancy stupids have set in (they have, but I do have above average reading retention skills). This week, my 26th, they are back to comparing the baby to a rutabaga. Now the baby weighs the same as a rutabaga - not to be confused with being as big as one. I had to google rutabaga just to remember what one looked like the first time around and I have absolutely no clue what one weighs. Sadly I only know what I weigh and that not a fun number! 

I read another newsletter earlier in the week (I'm cheating on Baby Center) and it said my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. Now that's some fun trivia! After I read that, I leaned over and told my project manager in the middle of a very serious meeting. She looked impressed. And it had to be the soccer ball thing, because there really wasn't much impressive going on in the meeting. Brad's been playing soccer on a league every Sunday, so as I type this, he is kicking around an object as big as my uterus. While his child continues to kick my bladder. =)

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