Monday, November 10, 2008

Bump Watch 2008 - Week 25

Is it me or did I get a lot bigger? I feel bigger. I've also noticed that people are proportionally nicer to me and more accomodating as I get bigger and it's been non-stop nice lately. Which is awesome - I love nice!

Brad took this picture at Art & Sue's this past weekend when we were there for their annual holiday party. I had just finished rolling out about 100 sausage balls and adding extra frosting to the cupcakes (we all gain weight together), so probably not the best time to take a picture. Should have waited until I was all gussied up for the party, with clean hair and everything. Oh well, if I don't pace myself with pictures in my One Nice Maternity Dress (compliments of Karen), my blog is going to look like that is all I wore during my pregnancy. I already have it up in the post when we went out for our anniversary. 

Tomorrow I brave BabysRUs (is that how you spell it? it looks wrong how I did it. Does that make me a bad parent?) with my friend Kristen to register. That store intimidates me - it is always crowded and is just wall to wall, floor to ceiling baby crap. Plastic-y, headache-inducing, brightly colored baby crap. All necessary, of course, for one reason or another. And shopped for by parents who look so tired it scares me. Brad is getting out of this phase of registry - it is my gift to him! He already has to put together the Ikea dresser and the crib after all. 

There are periods of time (like as I type this) when this baby is kicking when I think maybe he already wants out. It is wild, multi-limb movement for a half hour or so. While it is adorable and endearing now, I can't help but think oh crap, what is this going to feel like in 2 months??  At 4 in the morning? When he really gets going, I feel like singing Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting... Those cats were fast as lightening... Maybe I'll just sing here in a couple of months at 4am - that way Brad can enjoy it too! I have a lovely singing voice. 

Ok, I am clearly tired. I better get some rest so I can face the Mega Baby Marketing Machine tomorrow and not get obsessed with all things material and baby. I only had moderate luck 7 years ago staring down the Mega Wedding Marketing Machine, so I'm hoping to improve my record. I'm going to keep my eye out for the Most Ridiculous Baby-related Item when I'm there and I'll report back. It may become a list...

Oh and here's a gratuitous pic of my baby daddy. He's watching football and I'm figuring out why the flash won't work. Let's cross our fingers the baby gets those eyes - doncha think???


Ed said...

Wow, check you out! Once I get settled here I need to pop down to Rich and see y'all.

Nancy Crain said...

you are the most beautiful pregnant woman ever.