Monday, November 3, 2008


Mom and I had so much fun visiting Meredith this past weekend in Brooklyn! We took the picture above at lunch before we went to go see In the Heights, a show Mer picked out and got us tickets for. It was the most incredible show - I have spent all day today singing little songs from it. Coworkers again fighting each other to sit near me.

So breaking down the weekend - we got in Friday and met up with Mer and Lucas (who her friends collectively and affectionately refer to as Mucas - I love that) met us at the apartment we rented on Craig's list from our new best friend we've never met Susan. Well, Mer met her when she was checking out the apartment before we rented it but all we really know is from the apartment. Susan has a very bohemian, gypsy-type decorating taste, which comes in handy when you need a yoga room like she has but is not so convenient if you want to actually see yourself in all the dim mood lighting. Especially in the bathroom, which was so dark I'm only kinda partially sure I actually showered. We also enjoyed the nude pictures everywhere and excitement of not knowing what piece of decorative clutter we were going to knock over each time we turned around! Actually in all seriousness, you couldn't beat the apartment's location and it was pretty inexpensive, so was an ideal solution for a little weekend trip. I joke because I love...

Anyways, Mucas had this Italian place in mind for dinner called al di la trattoria and it was the most amazing Italian food I've had since I was actually in Italy. Just melt in your mouth fresh pasta and this wild mushroom appetizer - everything was so fresh and delicious. Then the waiter offered up black pepper gelato for dessert and just totally lost me. I'd like to think of myself as a pretty adventurous eater, but hearing that as a choice just made me want to chuck my spare fork at him. Lately, waiters better offer up something with chocolate or step away from the scary, dessert-craving pregnant woman. 

Saturday morning, my mom and I got up and headed over to see the fine folks at Connecticut Muffin (we went 3 times in 2 days), get some breakfast and meet up with my friend Jennie. Jennie and I met 9 years ago at a 3 week Deloitte training in Leesburg, Virginia and have stayed in touch ever since. She's always traveling the world and was running the marathon on Sunday, so it was neat to hear about all she has going on. Chick is going to camp overnight in Antarctica in December - can't wait to see those pictures!

The rest of the day we spent going to the show, shopping in Herald Square and getting some dinner with Mer back in Brooklyn. Sunday we of course had to hit Connecticut Muffin again and later went to brunch will all of Mer's friends. I'll have to go back some time when I can really take advantage of all-you-can-drink mimosas. After that we checked out the Pratt Institute where Meredith worked, which is a beautiful campus filled with outdoor sculptures. We walked around and looked but then had to head back to catch a cab to the airport. The lack of cabs had us in a state of sheer panic - I was really worried I would miss my flight. Mer was running around the circle trying to find us something when one finally popped up and my mom and I grabbed it. Unfortunately that meant only getting to wave goodbye to Mer instead of hug her, which was kind of anticlimactic! Virtual hugs Mer - thanks for a fun weekend!!! 

Some more pics - Mer and Lucas at Pratt with unplanned, but perfectly staged fall foliage behind them:

These are Mer's good friends who we got to meet at brunch on Sunday. I felt totally Sex and the City (less cheesy though) brunching on the weekend like that. I guess that would make me Miranda since I'm pregnant and we were in Brooklyn. =) I may have to bring back the brunch in Richmond - it's going to have a renaissance here, I can just feel it!

Well, nothing like a fun weekend to make the work-week doldrums even more ... doldrumy. We'll get to see Mer again in a couple months for Christmas in Dallas and hopefully she and Lucas can come visit after the baby gets here. It was an awesome weekend - hopefully we can do it again some time! 


Meredith said...

Yay I'm so glad you had fun! Brooklyn misses you already, and Susan sends her best.:)

Lucas Klauss said...

I just saw this! Great post.