Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby Update - Week 28

I am fast approaching my 3rd trimester and I can't believe it! I think maybe the bump's gotten a little bit bigger but the biggest recent change to me is how I can feel little baby parts sticking out through my tummy! I can't tell what they are, but I think there was a little elbow or knee poking out by my belly button a couple of days ago. I kind of rubbed on it and the baby pulled it back in real quick. My stomach dropped and I thought was Oh my gosh! Did I break the baby?? Irrational hormonal panic instinct still firmly in place. I'm going to ask the doctor if she can tell how the baby is situated inside me so maybe I can decipher hand from foot from head from tushie. 

I've felt really good lately, though after a couple of months of happily stuffing myself silly after the morning sickness ended, I am running out of digestive tract real estate and can't eat as much. That doesn't mean I don't eat as much - it just means I pretty much feel too full after every meal. Hopefully my brain and stomach will sync up soon. I've also had some upper back pain, probably from my scoliosis. It really only got to me on the airplane flying to Arkansas and back for the holiday. I have one plane trip left before my due date, to Dallas at Christmas, and we are flying direct so I think I can swing it. And once I get there, I know my Mom will be taking very good care of me - isn't being taken care of by your mom the best??

I have an appointment with my OB on Monday morning where I am going to do my gestational diabetes test. Other then that it should be pretty routine. I start going every 2 weeks after that, which makes me realize how close we are to actually having this baby! Brad and I are going to take the Baby Basics class this week at the hospital and take a tour next weekend. I'm a little nervous - I think it's been more then a decade since I've changed a diaper. Brad just gave me a blank look when I asked when the last time he had changed a diaper was. We're also still trying to line up different babysitter options and get on waiting lists and such. Next to-do is to meet with some pediatricians and select one. 

I think that's it for updates. I wish I could provide an update on the nursery, but I can't (hint, hint Brad). The Ikea dresser is in a million parts on the floor, which I state in a completely factual manner and not in a nagging, I sure do wish it was put together already kind of way. =) I guess I can be pretty direct about it though after finding out this morning, as I was getting close to making a final call on crib bedding, that Brad would really prefer something with elephants. I'm not sure why, he just seems drawn to elephants, giraffes and monkeys. It IS a zoo around here! har har har....

Baby Center must have left the interns in charge this week as the only solid food visualization I got for the baby was that it weighs the same as a head of cauliflower. So helpful. I did pick one up at Kroger earlier and give it some thought. I hate eating cauliflower though so I put it back down afterwards. I thought this pic was way cuter then a whole head of cauliflower - sheep! I love food art. 

This one was cute too, but no baby significance here - 

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Lindsay in China said...

LOVE the color wheel veggie/fruit picture! I'll have to use it if I ever teach elementary art again!