Saturday, November 29, 2008

Airport Observations

Brad and I just got home from our week in Little Rock and Stuttgart, which I'll write about in a bit. We were blessed this Thanksgiving holiday with 4 on time flights and a reasonably quick parking shuttle bus. With the way the airlines have been operating, 4 on time flights is probably Thanksgiving-dinner-table-prayer-worthy.

We had layovers in both directions in Charlotte, where I pretty much people watched the whole time. Don't you love people watching? My people watching falls into a few categories - wondering where people are going, what they are like and why on earth they are wearing that. A quality time killer when the book gets stale. I also made it all the way through Twilight and started another cheesy book I'm too ashamed to admit in public that I'm reading. Yeah, exactly - a cheesy book even more shameful then Twilight. I am not ashamed to say, however, that I am ready to fall in love with a hot vampire now.  Anyone with me???

I had some experiences and observations during the trip down and back, the first of which was enough to make me really question the person who said half the fun is in getting there. So here they are, in order of perceived threat level:
  • Attack of the Crazy Singing Man: The first was in the seat behind me between Charlotte and Little Rock, who smelled drunk (my nose is so on top of things these days!) and thinks he is some white BB King protege just singin' the blues so the whole plane could hear. Papa was a Rollin' Stone over and over and over and over. I really felt bad for his seatmate and I think everyone around him wished we were all closer to the screaming baby in row 3 who was the only passenger with a hope of drowning him out. Second crazy singing man was in the Little Rock airport with his guitar, stopping for impromptu shows. Lucky me, he sees the baby belly and yells out asking when I'm due. I say February and he says Awesome! That's when I got married! Um, huhhhh????
  • Attack of the winning football team: We as a nation are quite fortunate no terrorists attempted to evade security at the Little Rock National Airport at the same time we were going through. That was the moment Arkansas scored in the 4th quarter and pulled ahead of LSU by 1 point. TSA security was all abuzz and really couldn't be bothered to hassle me over whether lip gloss is a liquid. 
  • Attack of the leggings: As a public service announcement, I need to make sure all the ladies out there realize that leggings are not an alternate species of The Pant. They are not meant to be a substitute for The Pant, so please do not tuck your shirt in and leave everything else to jiggle unchecked as you walk to your terminal. You really need to be a special kind of celebrity anorexic to pull off wearing them with anything less coverage oriented then a tunic. So let's do the hindquarters a favor and provide a little draping, mmmmkay????
  • Attack of the Cinnamon Roll: During the layovers in both directions we picked up dinner. What I really wanted both times was a Cinnabon! Brad did not want me to have that. Something along the lines of 'that's not a healthy dinner for the baby'. HELLO?!?!? Who do you think is placing the order?!?!? Non-pregnant Kara hasn't touched a Cinnabon in years, ever since they released the nutritional information. Bebe loves him some cinnamon sugar and icing - who are we to question that?
  • Attack of the summer clothing: I suppose this is another public service announcement. It is almost December. Thanksgiving is over, the holidays are upon us and if you live anywhere experiencing daily high temps under 70, let me explain what this means for your wardrobe: it is time put away the flip flops (I know, collective groan), Crocs (ugh - permanently), shorts of any kind, and white cotton pants (especially capris and even if they are embroidered in a Lilly-esque pattern, they are wrong now). I saw a ton of people wearing these, especially the flip flops and not all of them could have been coming home from a beach vacation. Heck I ran into someone from last year's dodgeball team coming home from Orlando and she looked season appropriate! So it is possible.  
Well two snarky public service announcements and some pining over 800 calorie cinnamon rolls are probably all I can contribute tonight before going to bed. I will write about the trip tomorrow! 

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