Thursday, October 30, 2008

State of the Uterus - Week 24

Since we were too early to really see much (except that the baby was a boy) last time at our ultrasound, we got to go back for another one today. It was so much fun! The baby was moving a ton, playing with his arms and legs and - how cute is this - trying to suck his thumb!! My parents may not think that is cute as they remember the bills from my retainer to fix the damage MY thumb sucking caused. Anyways, the ultrasound tech said babies are very clumsy at this stage and a lot of times can't quite get their thumbs in the mouth so will suck on whatever - their wrist, their hand, etc. The baby had one hand up by his face like he was about to tell a secret, and the other hand was moving all around trying to get thumb to mouth. His left foot swung up and around at one point too. We also saw, again, confirmation that the baby is in fact a boy. 

So check out the money shots!

He weighs 1 pound, 3 ounces and is perfect in every way. We are so lucky. Brad may be a teensy bit more lucky than I am since he did not have to gain six pounds in four weeks for such perfection to be possible. He may find himself excommunicated from future doctor visits if he doesn't quit telling me I am gaining 40 pounds no problem by the time I give birth. He was even flashing four 10's with his hands behind the doctor's back while she was talking to me and finding himself completely hilarious.  As Stephen Colbert would say, Brad you are ON NOTICE!

I am hesitant to even go here because I think babycenter has officially gone off the deep end with this comparison, but the baby is now the size of a mango. Did I miss something or is a spaghetti squash sooooo much bigger then a mango? I mean, I don't want to be a high maintenance subscriber or anything, it just seems so obvious. Oh well. The mango pictures were boring, so I'm posting what REALLY sounds good! A Mango Margarita!

It has been a truly exhausting week and I know both of us are ready for it to be the weekend. I had to go out of town for work and it just really takes it out of me at this point - I am so sleepy! We both have fun weekends planned, though - I am leaving for New York tomorrow to meet up with my mom and visit my sister Meredith in Brooklyn! She got us tickets to see In the Heights and we are just going to shop and check things out and probably have some very yummy food. Brad is going out with some friends, attending our friend Emily's 30th birthday party and having some guys over for football and wings on Sunday. So very action packed and fun, no rest for the weary, etc. etc. That's all for now folks! Have a great weekend yourselves!

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Lindsay said...

Dude, my 3-month old still sucks on whatever part he can get in his mouth. Hence the miracle blanket.