Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spooner Tails - October 5

It has been a big week around here! I think I hit some sort of emotional climax on Thursday with finding out the sex of the baby and seeing the ultrasound because I have been pooped ever since! But here is what has been going on with us besides all that:
  • After my maternity shopping debacle last weekend, my friend Lakshmy invited us up to DC on Saturday to do some shopping at Tyson's Corner, have dinner and stay with them at their condo in Columbia Heights. We had an awesome time and I found sooo many cute things! Lots of cute pants for work, some corduroys and a couple of cute sweaters. I found just about everything at Pea in the Pod. I hope to get back up there again soon because while the Tyson's H&M doesn't carry maternity, the one in the city does. We just ran out of time since it was such a quick trip.
  • Baby boy Spooner got his first little boy outfit! Lakshmy found him these adorable onesies and this little fleece that has a hood with ears. That was definitely Brad's favorite. He can't wait to see our baby wearing something with ears, I can tell.  They are perfect newborn February/March clothes.
  • We have the best neighbors ever. In addition to letting us use their daughter as a guinea pig to train the poodles and having us over for frequent dinners, they lent us a TON of baby stuff to use when the baby gets here. We're talking a stroller,  infant car seats, play mat, carrier, books on the first year, etc. It is so awesome. Kristen also offered to help me register for the baby, which was so nice of her. We are working on their Neighbor of the Year nomination now. 
  • Brad is heading down to New Orleans this week for work. Sounds like it will be a pretty tiring trip and very busy, so maybe not as much enjoying New Orleans as he would like. 
  • We have all our holiday plane tickets booked - Little Rock for Thanksgiving and Dallas for Christmas! I already can't wait! It's going to be so fun to see so many friends and family during our trips. And I will be big as a house. 
  • My memory and mental capacity is fading fast. I have to edit the heck out of these posts and emails I send at work to make sure they make sense. I leave out entire words! Brad is constantly reminding me of things I said - that is definitely brand new. I guess it's true - you do get a little dumb when you're pregnant. 
  • Lots of sweet little kicks going on in the belly this week. They may not seem so sweet when this baby is a lot bigger! But I feel them all day long and they are so nice and reassuring. Friday night I had my hand on my belly and could feel the kick from the outside - it was a big one! I can't wait for Brad to be able to feel them. He will really get a kick out of it. Get it? Get it?
I think that's all we have going on. Lil' baby spooner is now the size of a large heirloom tomato. Where do the newsletters get these fruit and vegetable references? Heirloom tomato size is so subjective - I used to buy them at the Takoma Park farmer's market in the summers and they are all sizes - even the large ones. But I digress....


Kim said...

Little Rock for T'giving?!?! Days please! We'll be in GA for a week, but maybe we'll be back before you head out...I'd love to see you!

aichiba said...

It's true - the brain does weird things when you are pregnant.