Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spooner Tails - October 26

What a fabulously lame weekend we are having! We have had this string of busy weekends and have some more busy weekends after this, but this weekend we have been at home, taking care of errands, doing projects around the house, being football watching slugs and otherwise not contributing to society. Here are the highlights of our nothing (cue the bullets):
  • Got my haircut with someone new and I have FINALLY found someone in Richmond who knows how to cut bangs. And she goes to the same OB/GYN I do! Dr. D received high marks for the delivery of my hairdresser's son 18 months ago, which is great, but kind of crazy that Richmond is THAT small. Anyways, it poured rain yesterday so cute haircut got sticky from all the product and now needs to be re-done. No pictures just yet.
  • After all the rain yesterday (which did not stop Brad from yard work) it's a beautiful day today! I think we're going to finish the yard finally and complete our episode of curb appeal. I'll post pics.
  • Also on tap today: cooking! 15 bean soup, turkey chili and my dad's mango jalapeno chutney to get revved up for the holidays. Think turkey is bland? Light it on fire with some of this!  I really do not like turkey, but with chutney it's ok. It's also excellent over a block of cream cheese with crackers. 
  • This week I'm going to New York twice. Tues-Weds for work (blah) and then on Friday with my mom to visit my sister! Stop me if I've talked about this before, but Meredith moved to Brooklyn recently to take a job with the Pratt Institute. She just got a little apartment in Park Slope with a roommate and my mom and I are staying nearby in a rental apartment. We're going to shop and check things out - it's going to be really fun.
  • When I'm in Brooklyn, I'm sure I'm going to see Michelle Williams, Maggie Gyllenhaal (who I read isn't particularly nice) and Keri Russell (yay Felicity!). Maybe they'll be nice to me because I'm pregnant. That theory sure is working with everyone at my work, after all. Of course, I don't hesitate to remind all of them that it is wrong to be mean to a pregnant person. Pregnant people don't have wine to make everyone else more tolerable. =)
  • Sweet Baby O next door has a new favorite activity - coming to visit the poodles. Her parents now have to be very careful when they promise to come over because she will hold them to it! She got very fussy with them last night. They walk over to the fence during the week and today she's coming over to the house. She calls the dogs 'yo-yo' (for Zoe and Ringo), which is so precious. My mom predicted she'd have a one syllable name for each dog. I think we need to build a little gate in our fence to make things easier on Kristen. Kids don't become less demanding as they get closer to 2, do they?
This week the baby is the length of a spaghetti squash. That vegetable we have all ignored except for that brief period during the low-carb boom when we tried to convince ourselves it REALLY did taste like spaghetti. Yeah. And mashed cauliflower is just like potatoes! It's probably my least favorite squash because how do you compete with butternut, acorn and summer squash?

Apparently whoever is responsible for the pictures on Google Images do not find the spaghetti squash as interesting as the rutabaga. I was hoping for a somewhat fun picture to break the monotony of whole vegetables I post here each week, but the best I could do was a small kid with a spaghetti squash. So parents be warned: Do not post pictures of your children with spaghetti squash unless you want them to end up on random blogs. It's all about knowing which fruits and vegetables is going to exploit in their weekly newsletter. Anyways, here's the kid, rolling a squash around like I hope nobody ever does to MY kid:

Happy weekend - go do something that makes you feel just a little bit guilty today!


Meredith said...

Don't forget Ted Allen of Queer Eye and Top Chef fame! He has a brownstone in the nabe where I work.

Kara said...

Ohhh good call! And he's D list enough that he'd be pretty nice I bet.