Monday, October 13, 2008

Spooner Tails - Horrendously Overdue Special Edition

I'm delayed in getting this (last) week's tails up, mainly because I completely overdid it this past weekend, took on too much and am still in a black hole of exhaustion. In my haze, this is what I think is going on: 
  • Last weekend was about 5 minutes long. What we crammed in: dinner with the Franks, Komen Race Cabinet Retreat, TJ Maxx (me), golf (Brad), dinner with Brad's dad for his birthday, soccer game (Brad), helping Sue make invitations (me), disassemble fence (Brad), pick up nursery prints from framers, plants for the yard, power cord, dinner (me), pot mums (me), work on driveway beds with new plants, do laundry (Brad - isn't he awesome?), pack for Dallas (me). Phew!
  • I finally figured out what the poodles have been so excited about in the back yard. We have a mole or some other kind of small animal building burrows in the back of the yard. The poodles discovered this and tried to dig the burrows out and find the animal. Our neighbor said it was hilarious - she kept grabbing these giant roots in her mouth and enthusiastically tugging on them. This is the same dog (Zoe) who completely chewed up and destroyed our downspout to get to a mouse or squirrel that was stuck in there, so I guess this doesn't surprise me. I blame her because she was the dirty one last week. Ringo typically lets her do all the work. Such a man! Oh, kidding!!
  • We are trying to finish up the front yard before it gets too chilly. It's hard because the weekends have been so busy. I think we'll give it until next weekend and then just live with it. I have nesting to do inside, too, you know! I potted some maroon and white mums - Whoop and Go Hogs!
  • My mom and I booked our trip to Brooklyn to visit my sister Meredith! We are going over Halloween weekend and have rented an apartment off of craig's list. I hope it's ok and they don't take our money and run, but Meredith lives close by and can harass them if they do. 
  • I think that's it. Glad it's almost the weekend again. Fridays mean another week of pregnancy complete! Last week a banana, this week a carrot. That refers only to length so it's not as much fun as the round fruit and vegetable comparisons.
To jazz things up, I have picked some carrot art off of Google Images. This is called 'Mr. and Mrs. Carrot'. Enjoy!

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Meredith said...

Little Spooner gets to rock out in the Pslope! YES.