Thursday, October 16, 2008

Plano/McKinney/Dallas Trip

I found out late last week that I needed to go to Plano for work for 2 days this week and I was so excited because my parents are living in McKinney and my sister is in Dallas and I haven't really gotten to go see them since they moved there. It was a really fun trip! Because I adore writing in bullet format, here is a list of the highlights:
  • I got to see my parent's new house, which they moved into in September and is so cute! They are working hard to decorate before Christmas, when we will all be together. They got some beautiful rugs and sofas when I was there and have more furniture on the way. The house backs up to a wooded area that is very peaceful and my dad seems to enjoy it when he's out back with the smoker. They have a lot of wildlife in the wooded area, much of which would love to get their paws on my mom's shih tzu Odie. 
  • I also got to see my sister's cute little apartment, which is about 5 minutes from where Brad and I lived in Lakewood Heights. It's on Gaston Avenue, which was so ghetto when we lived there, but has been really cleaned up. I was happy to see that because it is only one street over from the beautiful Swiss Avenue. I always thought it was a shame Gaston was in such disrepair just one block over. Anyways, Megan's apartment is darling and cozy - she is a cute little decorator! She has a very neat balcony with lots of plants and a chair to relax and drink wine.
  • I got to eat at some of my favorite places while I was there: Tin Star, Gloria's and my dad's kitchen! He made fish tacos! I also had Pei Wei up in Plano and frankly it was disappointing. I won't bother next time - there's too much good food to choose from there. 
  • My mom felt the baby kick! I didn't think anyone would be able to this early, but she put her hand on my tummy and started singing and sure enough, that got some kicks going! I came home and told Brad tonight he had to put his hand on my tummy and he was able to feel a couple of kicks too! 
  • My mom also pulled out some things from the bedrooms when my sisters and I were small for me to bring home. There were 2 sets of bookends and 2 decorative wooden hangers. I think all the items are German. My aunt and uncle lived in Germany when I was a kid and we have some of the most beautiful painted wooden things from there. My family has little wooden Christmas ornaments, Easter tree ornaments, toys, etc. I'm excited to put these in the nursery - I'll have to post some pics. 
  • I had 4 on time flights - 2 going and 2 coming home. Feels like nothing short of a miracle. 
Now I'm back and the rest of the work week is proving to be brutal. My outlook calendar is a blob of back to back meetings. I am so worn out - can't wait to sleep in on Saturday! 

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