Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nursery Decorating Dilemma

**Warning** This blog entry may be extremely boring if you don't like decorating....

I have been a little perplexed today with a pressing nursery decision: color scheme. It's what my friend Kristy would call a Middle Class White Girl Problem. And isn't it ever? Something to obsess about that has absolutely no impact on just about anyone.  

But here's the gist: First, please excuse the paint splattered step stool I have the fabric laying on. The fabric in the middle I love love love and will be made into curtains for the two windows. What I need to figure out is a fabric to cover my swivel rocker and tie that in to some crib bedding. Trying to decide between the top and bottom fabrics for that. 

The bedding is going to be (I think) either this light blue or navy blue gingham/dot combo.  I like the top fabric because it is lighter colored and has the lime green in it - very cute and nursery-ish. The bottom fabric, which is Brad's favorite, almost feels nautical, which is fun, and would transition well into a big boy room. 

For further context, here is the wall color and the framed prints that I have had for 4 years awaiting my child's future nursery. They are both non-negotiables

And here is the darling duck rug, which we got cleaned and looks almost new. It's pretty neutral so has almost no bearing on the decision.

I just have to throw this in here too because I'm so pleased with myself! I found this jenny lind changing table on Craig's list for $15. I am going to paint it white and put cute little storage containers, such as these, full of supplies on the bottom shelves. So here's the before and the after picture will come later. 

Ok, that's all I've got. Now go to the comments section and be opinionated. This is one of those opportunities in life where you are being solicited for your opinion and it may be completely ignored! But I'd like to hear some different thoughts. 


Lindsay said...

I like the top one better - is it seersucker? BUT... I would go with the bottom one based on it not being too babyish to use later. These chairs can get pricey, and you definitely want to be able to use them again.

On the other hand, I think the top one would transition to a potential future girl nursery better. Throw in a pink throw pillow and tres chic.

Do what makes you happy - you'll spend a LOT of time in that chair!

Stephanie said...

I vote for the top one. It's adorable. The bottom one is nice, but not as cute. And I agree with Lindsay...the top one can transition to a little girl's room, which I am convinced you will someday need.

Lindsay said...

Another idea - cover the chair primarily with a more solid fabric, and use the top one on the piping. That's what we ended up doing for our unisex nursery stuff. Look at the chair pictures on my blog. The main fabric is a green matlessee-type fabric, and the stripe from my nursery is the piping and "buttons."

Kristy said...

top one.

and print some fun labels in a green font for those containers.

middle class white girl problem solved!