Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Littlest Spooner....

Color me (and 71% of blog voters) wrong, it's a boy! The ultrasound tech said she wished she had a camera to take a picture of our faces when she told us. We were both in shock! I had no idea Brad was taking me so seriously when I said it was a girl! But I really did believe it and apparently so did he!  I found out today my whole family thought it was a boy - I was the only one thinking girl! Here are the ultrasound pics:

In that first picture you can kind of see the spine and on the left end of the spine, hanging down, there's the you know what, that tells us, without a doubt, we have a little spooner boy! So the baby is kind hanging upside down and all curled up. The bottom pic is hard to decipher, but the little legs are crossed at the shins or ankles. The baby is actually in a position identical to the Baby Ticker over on the right side column of the blog.

Most importantly, everything looks so healthy! The baby moved a bunch and is very active. Since we were a little early for this ultrasound, I'm going to have another one in 4 weeks to give them a better view inside the head and check the kidneys. I think the baby moves up some - he's still tucked kind of low in my belly with his head wedged in. 

The baby weighs 9 ounces and is still measuring for the February 26 due date. The heartbeat was 148 bpm, nice and healthy, even and strong. I gained a buncha weight, which I suspected because my belly has popped some and I've been more hungry lately. So I think I've gained about 12 pounds total, which the doctor is happy with. But really, not to sound horribly vain, but Eeek. 

Well I've got some nursery shopping to do! And I really need to start evaluating boy names. we had our girl name all picked out, but we'll just save that for another day. =) 


aichiba said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Congratulations - now go decorate the nursery.

The Balog Family said...

Congratulations you two!! We are very excited for you. No advice on the boy thing seeing as we have nothing but girls - how exciting for you both!!

Carol & Robb Balog