Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lakshmy's Birthday Party

We just got back from DC where we celebrated Lakshmy's 30th birthday with a surprise party thrown by her sweet hubby Mike. Lakshmy and Mike are our really good friends we went to Alaska with a couple of years ago. I met Lakshmy through a book club I found on Craig's list when we moved to DC. Pretty random. After a few meetings we discovered we had more hobbies in common then reading, such as drinking wine and gossiping, and we've been close friends ever since. 

So anyways, Mike was sweating pretty badly when we met up with him at Aroma Co. in Cleveland Park for the party - apparently Lakshmy did not leave their condo until 5:45 and the party started at 6:30! Mike's cover was that he was sick and couldn't go out to dinner that night. He said it was like Ferris Beuller hurrying to get ready and get to Cleveland Park after faking sick. Lakshmy got to the party spot with some girlfriends around 7:30 and seemed totally surprised! Her sister made her swear she didn't know and she did, so we must have pulled it off. You just don't lie to your sister about such things. 

Anyways, it was a great party and we got to see lots of people we hadn't seen in a while. I hope to have some fun pictures to post later - most of them were taken on my friends' cameras. 

We spent the night in Bethesda and got up this morning and walked around a bit, reminiscing. When Brad and I first moved to DC we were in corporate housing in Bethesda for 3 months and had so much fun. We walked everywhere with Zoe and his work was just down the street. We'd meet up at night after he finished work and try new places for dinner. Ahhh Bethesda we love you. I think we would have stayed longer this morning but it was COLD! So we grabbed some breakfast at Old Georgetown Grille and headed towards Richmond. On the way home we dropped by IKEA to return the dresser I bought when I thought for sure I was having a girl and pick one for a boy. I'm sure the top of Brad's to-do list is to assemble it. 

I think the rest of today we're going to do some stuff around the house and have football on. I'm making this scallop and corn chowder recipe that you serve over mashed potatoes for dinner. It's from Susan Branch's Autumn book. I love all her books - if you haven't ready any of them, you should, they are full of great ideas for cooking and decorating. They also make lovely gifts. It is all chilly and crisp outside and the leaves are changing colors. I may have to make pumpkin bread too, I just don't know. You can let a beautiful Sunday like this pass you by! 

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