Sunday, October 26, 2008

Curb Appeal

Brad and I have been working on the front of our house for several months now and I think we are pretty close to reaching a stopping point. We have: cleared out around 15 trees, had rotted wood on the house replaced, had the shutters and front door repainted, had a new walkway to the front door installed, put in new beds by the house and up the driveway and removed a lot of ickiness. Today we planted along the driveway, mulched and Brad tried to get more of the azaleas on their last leg up out of the yard. So anyways, I wanted to share some photos to show the progress. I am quite irked I can not locate my 'before' pictures - I think they are on my work laptop.

Check out my salmon colored front door! I thought I was going to have to do something much closer to red for it to pass the Brad sniff test, but when I brought the swatches home, he liked this color! There was this salmon and blue colored bathroom at this hotel (Lodge at Koehle) we stayed at on our honeymoon in Hawaii and ever since then we've been trying to recreate some salmon magic. We tried with this little bathroom we had in Dallas, but there was no natural light in that room, so it just screamed SALMON at you when you walked in. The shutters on the house were this strange forest green color before, but are now true black.

Here are the new beds to the right, which the photo doesn't really give justice. There was a bunch of overgrown crap there before.

And the bed to the left, along with the new brick walkway. 

Now we are waiting for the new grass seed to grow and give us a more lush yard. Fewer trees will help with that. I think next year we're going to try and expand the yard into the treed area area at the front of the house and start working on the backyard. Right now, even in my full-out nesting obsession, the backyard feels too intimidating. It is large, it is wooded and it is neglected. It is a poodle paradise.

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