Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spooner Tails - September 28th

Now this was one productive weekend. Does it ever seem like 'being productive' and 'going out and spending a lot of money' are kind of the same thing on the weekend? Well here are the highlights:
  • We bought a crib! It's a white crib and it looks like all other white cribs. It was on sale and is made by a Baby Bargains approved manufacturer, so we went for it. It arrives in about 10 weeks. I am one step closer to completing my nursery vision.
  • Old Navy Maternity - not impressed. When you're holding a very low quality fabric, $28.95 does not feel like a bargain. 
  • Mimi Maternity - found a few things, but overall, not loving it. It kind of creeps me out how there's no music playing in there. All my favorite stores have kind of a themed soundtrack they play to make you want to buy stuff. The two Ann Taylors go for kind of a fun, fearless female mix while Banana Republic's vibe is that you are urban and hip for shopping there.  It's like Mimi realizes they are a necessary evil of pregnancy and there's no point in trying to package themselves into anything more appealing. Depressing.
  • I love Dillards shoes. Antonio Melani and Gianni Bini are my homeboys.
  • I hate Dillards shoe salesmen. Stalkers! I had one foot on the carpet and hadn't even looked at anything and I've got a guy saying 'can I get you something?' Go away and let me shop! 
  • Trying to get shoes at Nordstrom when they get their first shipment of Ugg boots for the season is almost impossible. Do not come between a high school girl wielding mom's credit card and her Uggs.  Of course, said high school girl will be dressed like it is 105 degrees outside while trying on these boots and will continue to dress like that until December.  So what does she wear the Uggs with? I can tell I'm about to become a mother. I am getting annoyingly practical. 
Just four more days until we find out if Peanut is a boy or a girl! I'm trying to stay busy until then because my stomach does flip flops of excitement every time I think about it! So I'm playing tennis with Karen tomorrow night and going to the Ivy Market at the University of Richmond on Wednesday with Colleen and Angie. The landscapers get started on our new front walk and beds Wednesday. I'll take some pictures - I think it's going to look so good when it's done!

Ok, so this week the baby is the size of a....

And the Baby Mama feels like a....

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