Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bump Watch 2008 - Week 18

I've been kind of lazy about taking pictures of the bump because it really didn't look all that different for quite a while since the last bump pic. But all the sudden this week the bump seemed to double in size, as evidenced in these photos taken last night before Brad and I went out for dinner for our anniversary:

Is that dress foxy or what? My friend Karen lent it to me, along with a bunch of other absolutely beautiful maternity things. She loves to shop, has incredible taste and I feel very lucky being her pregnant friend.  The shoes are Kate Spade that I found on clearance at Marshall's with Sue and Clare. Clare spotted them from the front door and just took off - we didn't know where she was going! She is like a bloodhound in TJ Maxx and Marshall's - sniffs out the very best bargains. And they had both our sizes so it was a lucky day!

We went to this place called Julep's New Southern Cuisine last night, which is in Shockoe Bottom, a historical area of Richmond. It was absolutely delicious - there were fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese, rockfish with white cheddar cheese grits and strawberry rhubarb cobbler. I mean, I had to eat it all - the baby wanted it. It's for the baby. I also had a glass of wine (approved by Dr. D) and went for the best chardonnay they had by the glass. It was the Ferrari-Carano Tre Terre Chardonnay. Someone please go out and drink this wine (Lakshmy this means you) because it is incredible. Would it be tacky to register for wine for my baby shower? Tacky! Bad Kara, bad!

Today we are going shopping for cribs and other baby accoutrements and then I'm going to watch Brad play soccer on his new team at 3. I'm making the Barefoot Contessa's chicken pot pie for dinner and I think we'll curl up and watch a movie. I hope Baby Mama has come to Direct TV - I'm dying to see it! 


Lindsay said...

Love the cute-pregnant phase! And, yes, friends with awesome maternity clothes that they are willing to loan out ROCK!

Meredith said...

Foxy Mama! Love it!

Paige said...

Hubba hubba! Pregnancy becomes you!