Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spooner Tails - September 28th

Now this was one productive weekend. Does it ever seem like 'being productive' and 'going out and spending a lot of money' are kind of the same thing on the weekend? Well here are the highlights:
  • We bought a crib! It's a white crib and it looks like all other white cribs. It was on sale and is made by a Baby Bargains approved manufacturer, so we went for it. It arrives in about 10 weeks. I am one step closer to completing my nursery vision.
  • Old Navy Maternity - not impressed. When you're holding a very low quality fabric, $28.95 does not feel like a bargain. 
  • Mimi Maternity - found a few things, but overall, not loving it. It kind of creeps me out how there's no music playing in there. All my favorite stores have kind of a themed soundtrack they play to make you want to buy stuff. The two Ann Taylors go for kind of a fun, fearless female mix while Banana Republic's vibe is that you are urban and hip for shopping there.  It's like Mimi realizes they are a necessary evil of pregnancy and there's no point in trying to package themselves into anything more appealing. Depressing.
  • I love Dillards shoes. Antonio Melani and Gianni Bini are my homeboys.
  • I hate Dillards shoe salesmen. Stalkers! I had one foot on the carpet and hadn't even looked at anything and I've got a guy saying 'can I get you something?' Go away and let me shop! 
  • Trying to get shoes at Nordstrom when they get their first shipment of Ugg boots for the season is almost impossible. Do not come between a high school girl wielding mom's credit card and her Uggs.  Of course, said high school girl will be dressed like it is 105 degrees outside while trying on these boots and will continue to dress like that until December.  So what does she wear the Uggs with? I can tell I'm about to become a mother. I am getting annoyingly practical. 
Just four more days until we find out if Peanut is a boy or a girl! I'm trying to stay busy until then because my stomach does flip flops of excitement every time I think about it! So I'm playing tennis with Karen tomorrow night and going to the Ivy Market at the University of Richmond on Wednesday with Colleen and Angie. The landscapers get started on our new front walk and beds Wednesday. I'll take some pictures - I think it's going to look so good when it's done!

Ok, so this week the baby is the size of a....

And the Baby Mama feels like a....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bump Watch 2008 - Week 18

I've been kind of lazy about taking pictures of the bump because it really didn't look all that different for quite a while since the last bump pic. But all the sudden this week the bump seemed to double in size, as evidenced in these photos taken last night before Brad and I went out for dinner for our anniversary:

Is that dress foxy or what? My friend Karen lent it to me, along with a bunch of other absolutely beautiful maternity things. She loves to shop, has incredible taste and I feel very lucky being her pregnant friend.  The shoes are Kate Spade that I found on clearance at Marshall's with Sue and Clare. Clare spotted them from the front door and just took off - we didn't know where she was going! She is like a bloodhound in TJ Maxx and Marshall's - sniffs out the very best bargains. And they had both our sizes so it was a lucky day!

We went to this place called Julep's New Southern Cuisine last night, which is in Shockoe Bottom, a historical area of Richmond. It was absolutely delicious - there were fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese, rockfish with white cheddar cheese grits and strawberry rhubarb cobbler. I mean, I had to eat it all - the baby wanted it. It's for the baby. I also had a glass of wine (approved by Dr. D) and went for the best chardonnay they had by the glass. It was the Ferrari-Carano Tre Terre Chardonnay. Someone please go out and drink this wine (Lakshmy this means you) because it is incredible. Would it be tacky to register for wine for my baby shower? Tacky! Bad Kara, bad!

Today we are going shopping for cribs and other baby accoutrements and then I'm going to watch Brad play soccer on his new team at 3. I'm making the Barefoot Contessa's chicken pot pie for dinner and I think we'll curl up and watch a movie. I hope Baby Mama has come to Direct TV - I'm dying to see it! 

Gratuitous Poodle Pics

The blog's namesakes would like to show off their new haircuts..... Zoe loves to show off and knows she is beautiful. Ringo is quite bashful. 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spooner Tails - September 20th

The baby is now the size of a...

That's a turnip if you're like me and don't eat them ever. When I was searching for a pictures, there were all these other funny pictures of turnips. I don't know why it is appealing to humanize the turnip, but I thought I'd play along. So if the baby is in a bad mood, it must look like this:

And if the baby is cheerful, it must look like this:

This weekend (tomorrow actually) is our 6th anniversary! I can't believe it's been that long, though we have done quite a bit in that time. We're talking 3 houses, 2 moves, 2 poodles, multiple jobs and lots of fun trips. I'm going to post some of my favorite pictures from the last 6 years later. Now that I have this spiffy scanner, I can scan the pictures that were taken before *gasp* digital cameras were the norm.  That would include our wedding and honeymoon pictures. Yes, we have been married long enough to pre-date some technology. There were no ipods either! We took our discman on the plane to Hawaii! 

Today I am meeting my friend Karen for lunch and her new little baby boy - he is about 6 weeks now. Then I am going maternity shopping. Last night I started packing up the clothes that will definitely not fit again until after I have the baby. It was a little sad - good bye friends, see you in several months (or next year for the sweaters). 

But in happier news, I got my first pair of maternity jeans in the mail yesterday. My mother-in-law Hope got me a gift certificate to Saks for my birthday, which was around the time I found out I was pregnant. I stashed it away for some type of maternity ridiculousness I knew I would just HAVE to have. And I found it in this beautiful pair of designer maternity jeans. They are Citizen jeans with a dark rinse and very cute. I am going to wear them to threadbareness. When Brad got home I pulled them out of the box again and showed them to him proudly. He gave them this funny, skeptical look and said 'what's that thing at the top?'. Like they were defective or something and I just hadn't noticed yet. Um, Brad, that's the maternity panel to hold them up. He didn't really know maternity pants worked like that. 

So that's what you get today. Turnips and jeans. Happy Saturday! And Happy 6th Birthday Gavin! And Happy 39th birthday Aunt Judy!! =)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Seafood Lover in Me

So while I have had quite a few symptoms to deal with as part of being pregnant, Brad has to deal with the aftershocks from them. One of them is how weird I am lately about where we go out to dinner.  If it's anywhere I ate at during the period when I was feeling sick, I still can't bear to go there. I wish I had known that because I would have avoided the places I really liked. There's also a lot of places that just don't sound good to me so he usually says 'you pick'. I think I may have cashed in the last of those cards tonight when I gave him the choice between Red Lobster and Cracker Barrel. He chose Red Lobster. 

What an experience. I mean, we're there on a weeknight in Richmond, Virginia in between strip shopping mall centers at this HUGE restaurant and there's a wait. There are no fewer then 5 birthdays being celebrated with halfhearted singing from the waitstaff and Miley Cyrus balloons. I mean, did I miss something? When did Red Lobster become the de facto place to go celebrate your birthday? I would have given it more thought, but my thoughts were drowned out by the teenager at the next table arguing with her mother about her basketball coach over her birthday cake. So I opted to repeat to myself over and over: My child will not be like that.

So back to the restaurant, in full disclosure, I did once spend Valentine's Day at the Red Lobster in Beaumont, Texas with my friend Paige. But Valentine's was on a Tuesday that year and we were in Beaumont to audit this company that made box cars. They had a sign at the entrance that said 'This facility has not experienced a major accident/fatality in ___ days'. And the number scribbled in when we got there was 5. Needless to say we turned down the guided tour we were offered. We did not turn down dessert at Red Lobster, though, but couldn't finish it. So we polished it off for breakfast the next morning at the client. So professional! What a romantic trip. Thanks for an awesome 2001 Valentine's Day Paige!

So anyways, three cheers for Brad, my very patient, wonderful, willing to go to Red Lobster so his pregnant wife can get cheddar biscuits husband. And another three cheers to you if you've made it through this blog post/stream of consciousness

Oh, and BabyCenter says the baby is now the size of an.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Week 16 Dr. Appointment - State of the Uterus

Brad and I went in this morning for an appointment with Dr. D. What a fun way to start the day! A lot of it was very routine, but it's so reassuring to hear that everything looks healthy and good. I have gained 6 1/2 pounds total so far, which the doctor was really happy with. She answered a bunch of my questions and told me to try a little caffeine for the headaches I've been having recently. Doctor approved caffeine! Yeah!

The most fun part of the appointment was hearing the heartbeat. She has this little machine she carries around and puts the wand on your belly and you can hear the heartbeat! We also got to hear 3 kicks! She kept asking me if I felt the kicks, but it was kind of hard to with the wand pressing into my belly. The heartbeat is still really fast - high 150's to low 160's and Dr. D said again she thinks it's a girl. Right after she said that there was a big kick and she said 'whatever it is, it's a show off!' Now where on earth would the baby get that from? I think Brad was envisioning soccer scholarships with each kick. Bend it like Baby!

Speaking of Brad, he is so funny and cute at the doctor's office. He has no idea what to do with himself so he kind of wanders around trying to watch while they're showing me the bathroom and weighing me. And he doesn't really seem to want to sit in the chair they put in the rooms for the daddies. I guess it must be odd to be at the doctor and not be the focus of the visit. He popped up out of his chair as soon as Dr. D found the heartbeat and we both had these big dopey grins on our faces. It's just the most beautiful sound in the world.

We had to reschedule the next visit, which will be the ultrasound where we find out if it's a boy or a girl! We've moved it up to October 2 because Brad has to be out of town the following week for work. The appointment is late in the afternoon, though, so I have to find some way to get through the work day with all the anticipation! It's going to be like 10 little kid Christmases all in one!

So the next state of the uterus is October 2 and it'll be a good one!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

And now the baby is an.....

Apple! As in Gwyneth Paltrow's first born. 

So this week in Spooner news:
  • Morning sickness is 95% gone! Wooohooo! I am back to eating normal food and even going to the gym in the morning again. And playing tennis this weekend! It's like being a normal person!
  • The bump has gone from beer gut to SUPER beer gut. I have gained a little over 5 pounds, but it feels like so much more. Tomorrow starts my 16th week.
  • Hurricane Hanna is headed our way and is supposed to hit Saturday morning. Just in time for...
  • Brad's golf tournament this weekend! Is there a handicap for hurricanes? It's a 3 day tournament he is playing with our good friend Mike. We're supposed to go to a dinner for it Saturday night and I'm just praying I have an appropriate dress that fits the belly
  • We're having the front door painted a bright salmon color next week - I can't wait! Brightly painted front doors are such a Richmond thing, so we'll finally fit in. At least from a front door perspective. 
  • Ringo has figured out how to get out of the kitchen when we shut them up to sleep at night. He got sick of it early this morning and broke out, ran upstairs, jumped in our bed and got comfy. Poor Zoe was so confused. She just stood there in the kitchen, unsure of what to do until Brad came down to let her out. 
  • My parents are closing on 2 houses in the next week - selling the Carmel, IN one and buying one in McKinney, Tx. They will officially be Texas residents soon! I can't wait to visit. 
  • The baby in the Baby Ticker to the right has finally slowed down from doing constant flips. It was freaking me out there for a while. I kept looking down at my belly saying, is that really what you're doing? Coincidentally, I have felt a little fluttering, but I'm not sure if that's the baby or not. Maybe I'll just decide it is and then that's really exciting!
That's all I can think of right now. The Taco Bell I couldn't stop thinking of and had to drive 30 minutes round trip to get for dinner is making me sleepy. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tagged from A to Z

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming, I got this off my friend Lindsay's blog. Look everyone! Blog filler until something exciting happens!

A. Attached or single? Attached - married to Brad for almost 6 years! Feels like 10... just kidding!!!

B. Best friend? I'm a lucky girl - I have a crew of them: Cookie, Megan, Holly and Colleen. I'm also really close with my mom and sisters.

C. Cake or Pie? Both! I love chocolate cake and coconut cake and blueberry banana cream pie. Yum!

D. Day of Choice? Saturday or any day I'm on vacation. The theme of any of my favorite days is 'I'm not at work'

E. Essential item? When I'm not pregnant, wine. Or maybe coffee. No, definitely wine. Now that I'm pregnant, my anti-nausea medicine's been pretty key!

F. Favorite color? Probably green

G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears - really chewy ones!

H. Hometown? Austin, Tx is where I grew up. I was born in Enid, Oklahoma but have no memory of it.

I. Indulgence? Spa treatments at a really nice spa. I love the Spa at Pinehurst.

J. January or July? Ick, neither. One is cold and filled with post-holiday letdown and the other is hot. If I have to pick, I'd say July because there's a holiday and I'm more likely to take a vacation that month.

K. Kids? Two standard poodles, Zoe (5) and Ringo (3). Baby on the way in February!

L. Life isn't complete without? My husband. Everything is just so much more fun with him around.

M. Marriage date? September 21, 2002

N. Number of brothers and sisters? 2 younger sisters, Meredith and Megan

O. Oranges or apples? I don't like having to pick. I am an equal opportunity fruit lover.

P. Phobias? A little bit scared of heights if it may involve me falling and getting hurt.

Q. Quotes? Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. - Very comforting in hard times.

R. Reasons to smile? A really good sale or maybe finding some great stuff at TJ Maxx

S. Season of Choice? Autumn - the falling leaves and cooler weather. Coming from Texas where the two seasons are hot and not quite as hot, it is still such a novelty to have a true fall.

T. Tag some peeps: I will tag Cookie at the Daily Gunther and Ed at Sydneysided. I'm actually not even sure he knows I have a blog though. OMG and have to include Steph too! 

U. Unknown fact about me? Unknown to whom? I am an open book and my family knows about all of it. Well ok, here's one. I haven't told anyone this, but I really love watching Gossip Girl! I'm so ashamed!

V. Vegetable? I really love tomatoes but is that a fruit? If so, perhaps corn, but is that a starch? Let's go with butternut squash.

W. Worst habit? Maybe biting my nails or popping my knuckles. I've never been able to stop. Or perhaps goofing off at work? I've spent all this time today filling this out!

X. X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound because we can see the baby. For us, x-rays mean something bad is going on.....Luckily the Spooners haven't needed any of those for almost 2 years!

Y. Your favorite food? I think maybe cheese. I have many cheeses I love. I made a top 5 list with my friend Kristy once. Mine went goat, bleu, sharp cheddar, brie and feta. Hers included 'that boxed cheese you make queso out of', which cracks me up. So true!

Z. Zodiac sign? Gemini. So two of us contributed to this post