Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Week 12 Dr. Appointment - State of the Uterus

I had my 'every 4 week' doctor appointment today and it went really well! Dr. D said everything looks really good and we listened to the baby's heartbeat, which is still really strong - in the 160's bpm. She smiled and said, 'I think it's a girl! Even though that's an old wives tale!' The crazy part is I've been thinking it's a girl lately too! But we won't know for sure until October 7, which is our next ultrasound appointment. I scheduled it for first thing in the morning - trying to work that day before the appointment would be too hard! 

Dr. D also told me where the baby was in my tummy - kind of low, a couple of inches above my pelvic bone and right in the center. The baby is the size of a LARGE plum. Not a small plum, or I wouldn't be having so much trouble buttoning my pants.  

The next state of the uterus address is scheduled for September 10 - my next doctor appointment!


Lindsay said...

Ha! I love the picture to go along with it - you'll have to keep that up now!

Meredith said...

Me too! I hope you have enough fruit to keep up. Looks like you'll be needing a watermelon in the dead of winter- good luck with that one!