Monday, August 4, 2008

We have a blog... and a baby!

Hi everyone! We're starting a little blog to keep everyone up to date on what we're doing and how the baby is coming along. Also different house projects we have going on as we work on the third of our project houses. And on some days (maybe most) I'll whine about whatever pregnancy symptom is bugging me most!

Here's our first and only set of baby pics - though we're looking forward to more!

We are 10 1/2 weeks into the pregnancy, but I'm pretty sure I've been asleep for the last 3. Or complaining to poor Brad about how every food sounds icky and I just can't eat. The one strange exception so far has been pizza. This kid loves some pizza! Tummy isn't even upset after! But we're looking forward to having the first trimester over for so many reasons. And we are starting to think about how fun it will be to find out if it's a boy or a girl. I think that should happen in late September or early October

I got to hold my friend's little 2 day old newborn last week and it was so much fun! She was 7 1/2 pounds of cuteness and was dreaming and making all these funny faces. I got so excited I came home and started shopping for cribs online! 

Well it's about time to let the poodles drag me around the neighborhood for a walk in the oppressive, humid heat. Brad is in Loooooooong Island tonight after a delayed flight. Back tomorrow though.

How does one end a blog post? It's not like an email. I guess I'll just stop writing now.

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