Friday, August 29, 2008

Spooner Tails - Labor Day Weekend

I feel like the blog is kind of boring in this waiting period for something exciting to happen. Right now there's no kicking, no gender, not much nursery decorating or much of a bump. But this is what we've been up to in the interim:
  • Brad's in Arkansas this weekend for his annual guy's weekend trip. They are going to the Arkansas football game tomorrow. Brad's dedication to his team must be waning - he told me this morning he's not going if it's raining. I clearly remember being forced to sit through the entire game in pouring rain on more then one occasion when we lived in Texas and went up for the games. I think he even told me it was raining because I was there. Like I'm bad luck! 
  • My weekend trip to the beach got cancelled at the last minute, so I am trying to keep myself entertained for a few days. I think I may head to Williamsburg tomorrow to shop with Sue and Clare. They have the best TJ Maxx there. Monday I'm having lunch with my friend Karen and her newborn baby, who just arrived a few weeks ago. Also hoping to get over to see Colleen & Co. at some point. Her kids always put a big smile on my face!
  • We are about to do some major exterior house improvements. It's like an episode of Curb Appeal without the annoying host. Brad's been ripping all of the front yard out and playing with his chainsaw. I fetch water and say supportive things while reminding him I'm not to lift anything heavy. We have the tree people coming to clear some trees (we have over 60 so no big loss), a contractor coming to do some painting and repairing and a landscaper coming to put in a new walk, new yard, new beds. I will of course post pictures. But not yet - it's a scary giant mud pit out there right now. We love re-doing a house, so it will be fun. And I can't wait for my new hydrangeas!
  • I'm starting to feel that nesting instinct I read about. I have this urge to organize closets, finish decorating our house and get to that list of little things you always mean to fix but don't. Not being able to paint is really frustrating. I have visions I can't implement. Overall I want the house to feel cozy and homey, which is a challenge with these bigger rooms. Our first two houses were half the square footage of this and they were really quaint. I love a small house. But I guess I also love closet space. Grass is always greener, you know.
  • Morning sickness has mostly gone - still feeling a little iffy from time to time. My first pregnancy sinus infection cleared up so I'm almost like a normal healthy person! I had my first really noticeable round ligament pain today, where my tummy is stretching out. Wowzers! It was really sharp. My mom used to tell me when I threw a huge fit from stubbing my toe or something that I would never make it through childbirth if I couldn't handle something small like that any better. Now that I'm here, I think she is probably right!
So yeah, that's really it. I know, laaaame. I promise this blog will get a lot more interesting after the baby is born. Cause babies do funny stuff, right?


Lindsay said...

Yeah, the first year of my blog is pretty pathetic. Who cares what I thought of what was on TV in 2005? =)

Stephanie said...

I don't think it's lame - I love it! At least you have the prospect of something interesting to blog about in the near future...I have no idea why I have my blog. :)