Tuesday, August 26, 2008

House Bling

A little background: Brad got to go to Amsterdam about a year and a half ago with his company for this big networking event. I stayed home and felt very sorry for myself and shopped a whole bunch at boutiques that only let you return for store credit. Then Brad came home with all these really nice presents for me from Amsterdam, including this beautiful Ferragamo scarf. I felt slightly guilty at that point, but I really loved my new scarf! The picture in it was striking, so I didn't want to bunch it up or roll it up or anything in order to wear it. I thought we should frame it. 

After much debate (like a year and a half's worth) and thought on how we wanted it to look and where we wanted it to go in the house, we bit the bullet a few weeks ago and made our decisions. It turned out beautifully! We haven't hung it up yet, but here's a preview:

It's 45 x 45, so it's a huge piece, but they used museum plexiglass, so it's not too heavy. It's going above the sectional in the den, between two wall lamps. I'm hoping it will draw people's eyes away from our extremely ugly 1979 fireplace, which we can't decide how to tackle just yet. U-G-L-Y. But divert your eyes. Look towards the giraffes.

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Stephanie Thornton said...

Gorgeous! Brad has such good taste. :)